Wow, that was the longest wait for a payoff, wasn’t it?  (Please, yes, I know… “Payoff” is maybe too complimentary a term for this page/comic/website.)

So I disappeared for a while.  Things got… a little overwhelming.  And the positively bleak.  Every week I’d get the notification to come and post on here, and every week I’d lose myself to what I recognize now was a pretty inconsolable funk.

Am I better?  Who knows.  When are we ever really better?  We just ride along, up, down, a lot of being tossed sideways, vomiting (figuratively) from the violence of it all.

But I don’t do this site for me.  I do it for Levi, and (in the case of Spells) for Chris.  And for you guys.  Any of you guys.  Even if it’s one person who finds this site and reads any of this on a whim.  I don’t like letting any one of you down.

So here we are.  Halfway through the third (of four) issues.  It’s not far to go now.  Some days I’ll make it, some days I won’t.  But eventually all of Spells will be up for you to enjoy, however you want, whenever you want.  And that’s all I wanted.

See you next week.  Hopefully.