So, what the heck happened?  I know we mentioned December slowing things up, but here it is the second week of January and…

I know.  I’m the one asking these things.  Not you.  Not even Levi, who I spoke to recently and gave me my out on it.

But I intended to be posting more.  And then, when that didn’t happen, I intended to at least get back to it with the arrival of the new year.  But that didn’t happen either.  What did happen was that I just blanked.  I have reminders set up and everything, I see them when I’m about to head off to bed the night before, then when I wake up in the morning, and finally right after I get to work (granted, I was sick last Tuesday, so I wasn’t at work).

But my brain just went on the fritz there.  Totally missed the deadlines for both Spells and Levi’s World.


As always, I intend to do better.  And by that I mean I really hope to.  And plan to.

But I’m still an old man with a failing brain.  So… you know.  Just be aware.  If I’m not here one week, someone nudge me.