Day 31 – “Friend”

So… pretty excited to have made this. There were quite a few times over the course of the month that I thought for certain I was going to fail. Not too many of the delays were me “goofing off”. They were just honest, daily stuff that gets in the way of doodling. It happens. I am also happy to say that doing this each day really has helped with quitting smoking. This was a secondary goal this month, and with the help of Chantix, I’ve managed to kick the habit. Replacing it with the habit of doodling every day was a pretty fun way to occupy (what seems like) hours of extra time I have now. Who knew smoking took up so much time??

Extremely grateful for all of you who looked at these. I’m humbled by the amount of attention, and excited that maybe I’ve gained a new fan or two…

What’s NEXT? Well… I’m about a month late on SHaLK, and there’s these two other strips I’ve been meaning to get back to for about three years now… It’s about time, don’t you think?