Day 3 – “Collect”

Little later today… but maybe more people will see this if I don’t post at 3 am?

As usual, I’ve been looking at SO many other people’s Inktober drawings. I’m floored by how many awesome artists there are out there. Some of them really make me consider throwing my pens in the garbage. Speaking of pens, if anyone’s interested, I pretty much only ever use STAEDTLER pigment liners. Usually the 0.3 size. I had a brief love affair with Rapidographs, but they’re a lot of work to maintain. I’ve been using the STAEDTLER’s since I first found them WAY back in 1992 in a Paint Store that was around the corner from the comic shop back home in Port Huron, Michigan. I don’t mind using the plain old Sharpie Pens (fine point) either. They’re super cheap, and available almost everywhere, and I’ve been actually impressed by the quality of them. Whatever pen you’re using, that’s the right tool. For years and years, I obsessed over supplies and what to draw with. In the end, there is NO “magic pen” or “magic paper” that’s going to make you draw more. It’s whatever you’re using. As long as you like it, that’s the right one. That’s the magic pen. The one that makes the marks…

Blah blah blah… shut up, Levi. See you tomorrow! 🙂