Heh.  Nerd.


So, we’re talking out some things on the subject of purchasing things (in particular, comics) online, and how people would prefer to pay.


There’s something to be said, I think, about the ease of purchasing through things like Amazon’s storefront and through iTunes.  But the key thing to each of those, besides a very large, expensive infrastructure, is that most people are already buying stuff there anyways.  If you can buy comics just as easily as you’re already buying music or apps or books, why wouldn’t you?


But, for the small-press guy and gal, the goto is usually PayPal.  Now, I’ve had multiple issues trying to make very basic purchases with PayPal myself, so I prefer to avoid it if I can.  But a lot of people use it, professionally and/or as a consumer.  I suppose if you’re the sort to buy things on Etsy or through EBay regularly, it might be just as convenient as buying from Amazon.  If your account is already set up, that’s most of the work done.


Final option (that we can think of) is a direct shop on the creator’s web site.  Caveats there would be, the person making the site has to set it up and maintain it.  And, for the buyer, it’s one more thing to put their billing info into, as well as possibly not being sure if your credit card info is secure.


I don’t have any experience on this from the seller’s side.  But we’re looking for any feedback or info from everyone who has used any of these services to see what you feel is the best option.  If you have the time, go ahead and answer at the poll HERE.


Oh, and while you’re there, check out Tom’s comic, Marooned!  It’s terrific!

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